Recent research about the effects of living in a more challenging world has shown that finding the time each day to work through anxiety, emotional upheaval, and work-related stress leads to a healthier outlook and can lower blood pressure. Creating a dedicated space at home to meditate the negativity away is a good place to start a more mindful journey.

Less is Best

Whether an area is spacious or on the smaller side, it needs to be free of clutter. Psychologically, a space that has minimal things creates a greater capacity to focus and relax during meditation . A corner can work just…

It is widely known that practicing meditation every day helps in lessening anxiety and relieving stress. Indeed, starting the day with a morning meditation can certainly set the day up for success. Meditation helps dissolve any residual anger or tension as well as any unwanted thoughts and feelings from previous days. It can help you feel calm and ready to handle the challenges of the day with absolute ease. That being said, there are many different types of meditation practices to choose from , some of which are presented in the following article.

Breathing meditation

One of the most well-known forms of…

The Coronavirus pandemic has many people on edge. Psychologist and meditation teacher Tara Branch has a simple suggestion to help cut through the anxiety: try mindfulness .

Mindfulness is simply living in the moment. Pay attention to the surroundings and, without judgment, acknowledge any thought that pops up. Mindfulness can be practiced in an organized manner, where time is set aside to sit down and focus on the breath, or it can be integrated into everyday life by fully and non-judgmentally experiencing simple things, like grocery shopping or time at the gym.

For those just starting out with mindfulness, Branch…

Having difficulty sleeping is a common problem worldwide. We know how important sleep is for our overall health. Some people choose to incorporate meditation into their lives in hopes of improving their sleep naturally. Meditation is a useful practice that’s benefited many people. Here are some effective techniques to try.

What Is Meditation?

Meditation is an ancient practice that helps reduce stress. It can help with mindfulness and clarity as well. It’s been proven to be beneficial in managing insomnia. It helps by:

While meditation is harmless for most, it should be noted that it may be triggering for individuals suffering from mental…

Greenhouse gas emissions that drive global warming increased by 32% from 1990 through 2016. The transportation sector generated the majority of that carbon output. That means primarily on-road vehicles. This makes over-the-road transportation a focal point of reducing carbon emissions, driving the destructive effects of climate change.

There are two options for reducing GHG. One is to reduce the amount of fuel used. The second is to develop alternative fuels that generate less greenhouse gas emissions. Experts say the first option is not viable. Electric vehicles are not a solution because most electricity is still created using fossil fuels.


The biofuel industry offers an array of careers related to Bioenergy, including but not limited to agrofuels, microbiology, engineering, biochemistry, and more. Biofuels (also known as feedstock) generate from living or dead organisms, including matter extracted from plants, vegetable oils, grains, and animal-based oils to create fuel. Here is a list of the most sought biofuels and Bioenergy jobs:


Scientists in the biofuel and Bioenergy industries use their academic ability to discover innovative ways to develop fuel from the feedstock.

Biochemists and Biophysicists

Both biophysicists and biochemists examine the physical and chemical foundations and biological processes of…

The world is embracing renewable sources of energy, and it has undoubtedly proven to be a great deal of help in the fight against pollution and sustainability. Bio-fuel is among the best and easy to harness renewable energy sources that you can tap into and make some good money out of. While taking the stride, it’s essential to guide it and make the best out of your business. Although no business is guaranteed success, having a guide plays a vital role in knowing what you need to do and avoid mistakes.

Unlike non-renewable sources of energy such as gas or…

In recent years, the marketplace has changed a great deal. Science is becoming a part of daily life and operations more than it ever has before. Examples of this include the rise of big data and the prevalence of AI. For life sciences, there’s been plenty of room to grow in the marketplace, too. Biology, biotechnology, and biochemistry are two examples of fields where lots of new businesses are springing up. There are plenty of would-be life sciences entrepreneurs, too.

One problem in breaking through is that people trained in science often don’t have a strong business background. They’re used…

When times get rough, it is easy to let your mind get flooded with all sorts of negative thoughts. Showing love and kindness is also something that is becoming harder for people since the COVID-19 pandemic. Loving Kindness Meditation (LKM) has been shown through studies and literature to have proven benefits, and it provides a variety of positive results both mentally and physically. Everyone can benefit from LKM, and it is becoming more popular every day.

How To Practice LKM

Here is a simple 5-Step LKM technique to try:

Find a quiet space and sit comfortably. Eyes should be closed…

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the economy, most oil refiners have discovered new alternative ways to tackle the challenge of decreasing demand for gasoline to stay afloat during these uncertain times. One such practice is producing biofuels derived from animal fat and cooking oil. Refiners opt for biofuel that comes with the much-needed government credits to supplement inconsistent revenues as the pandemic continues its upsurge. Gasoline demand also continues to plummet further as government restrictions to contain Covid-19 intensifies.

New Innovation

S&P Global Patts states that refining companies turned to biofuels to avert bankruptcy and continue…

John Kaweske

John Kaweske is a Colorado Springs-based entrepreneur focused on sustainability, biotechnology, and renewable energy.

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